Perimeter Protection Security Solutions for Mid- to Large-Sized Companies

Today, there are a host of companies that demand world-class perimeter protection to safeguard against escalating and credible threats that include theft, tampering, violence and terrorism.  Perimeter protection is a key component to a complex and integrated security plan for all companies – but particularly those operating in the energy, pharmaceutical, financial, healthcare and property management sectors.

Systems and Monitoring that Enhance Security

Beginning with a comprehensive assessment to identify unique needs and requirements, Access SI will develop a custom perimeter security solution built on state-of-the-art equipment and supported by unmatched monitoring and management.  Gates and barrier systems, traffic control devices, turnstiles, cutting-edge video surveillance and monitoring, intrusion and detection systems and mantrap portals combine to afford greater security vigilance.  Our security system solutions control unwanted access to allow for greater peace of mind, yet not at the expense of daily business operations.

Robust Business Partner Community

Access SI is dedicated to providing industry-leading perimeter protection security systems to large and mid-sized companies nationwide.  We are consistently growing our business partner community, allowing our clients the best-in-class product resources and ensuring quality solutions to your specific security needs.


  Design Security Inc.

  Smarter Security



  Automatic Systems

  Boon Edam

  Southwest Microwave





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Access Systems Integration stands above other security companies. Our team, led by industry veterans, offers customized, best-in-class integrated solutions that meet each client’s individual needs. Headquartered in Eatontown NJ, we have offices in NYC; Los Angeles, CA; Philadelphia, PA; Boston, MA and Pittsburgh, PA to conveniently serve clients throughout the United States.

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