Integrated Security Solutions to Tackle Your Company’s Toughest Challenges

As an industry leader in security systems integration, Access SI stays forefront in adopting the most recent and innovative technologies required to provide security solutions that address growing threat concerns.  Security challenges surrounding violent intruders, active shooter or gunshot activity have quickly risen to be of paramount concern for companies and organizations throughout the country.  The sophistication of an integrated security systems solution must keep pace with the nature of these threats from both internal and external sources.  Yet, unfortunately, many existing security and monitoring systems are woefully inadequate in protecting employees, visitors, assets or property when challenged by today’s amplified threats.

Our Specialty Security Solutions Address Today’s Threats

Access SI delivers specialty solutions designed to provide enhanced security to combat today’s most challenging threats.  Even your company’s most challenging security environments are successfully addressed by Access SI’s proven team of experts.  Following a comprehensive assessment and in-depth understanding of our client’s specific needs, Access SI designs, plans and installs an integrated security system to address those requirements – whether for unique room-to-room interior spaces, off-site locations or sprawling exterior environments.

End-to-End Integrated Security Solutions

Our end-to-end integrated security solutions are flexible, scalable and custom designed to deliver a more comprehensive level of detection, greater protection and heightened responder capabilities and effectiveness.  There are a variety of specialty solutions available, including gunshot detection systems that utilize unique audio signature and infrared technology to accurately determine and pinpoint the location of actual gunshot activity.  Real-time event notification, area verification and video surveillance equipment monitor potential and current activity, allowing responders the most detailed information.  Additional integrated technologies such as alarms, video monitoring, lock down activation and mass notification create an end-to-end security solution that elevates the overall level of safety and improves response time.

Robust Business Partner Community

Access SI is dedicated to providing specialty security systems to large and mid-sized companies nationwide.  We are consistently growing our business partner community, allowing our clients the best-in-class product resources and ensuring quality solutions to your specific security needs.


  Shooter Detection Systems (SDS)-Guardian

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Access Systems Integration stands above other security companies. Our team, led by industry veterans, offers customized, best-in-class integrated solutions that meet each client’s individual needs. Headquartered in Eatontown NJ, we have offices in NYC; Los Angeles, CA; Philadelphia, PA; Boston, MA and Pittsburgh, PA to conveniently serve clients throughout the United States.

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